New blog, and my programming projects

Hello, this is my first post on this blog, but not the first blog I have done. I’m a web developer by trade but program in C++ and C# in my spare time, usually on video games, which will be the focus of my blog.

As far as my background goes, I have been programming as a hobby for over 4 years, on and off, but now I have gotten more into it than ever before. I started just with C++ console programming in 2006, moved quickly into SDL, which was a bit of a show-stopper since I haven’t fully understood pointers and OOP. After taking a few steps back, I went back into programming in 2008 and haven’t looked back. If you want to be bored with more details take a look at the About page which will soon be updated.

The topics covered here will be mostly XNA and general game programming. I will be covering XNA a lot, as I have taken a big liking to it recently since picking it up a few months ago. Although I’m relatively fresh to XNA I’m not totally new to DirectX and 3D graphics programming, so I was movin’ matrices and setting vertex buffers in no time. Currently I have two personal projects on my hands- a rendering engine and a marble game (which has been put on hold a few times). Follow my next post where I will go into detail about it…


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