New game plans, and going further with XNA

So where was I? Well, for the past few months I haven’t had a job, so I’ve been preoccupied looking for a new one, as well as trying to get my personal finances together. Because of that I’ve had little drive or motivation to continue game programming. But all is better now, I’ve finally found work and glad to get back on my feet and start coding again! I won’t have as much time as I would like, but because of that I will be working more efficiently.

My blog will also be taking. It will be focusing more on game programming and talk about actual games I will be making. This will be a big change, because most of the past posts so far have been very technical and also about ideas and techniques that may be applied to games, but not really about games themselves. It’s a new direction I hope will improve my productivity, since for over a year now I have always wanted to create some indie games and launch them on gaming platforms such as the Xbox 360 and PC. With a clearer mind, I can finally picture that happening.

However, due to my past circumstances, the racing game idea I brought up in my last post never even got off the ground. It was way too ambitious considering the real life challenges I was facing, so that will be put on the back burner for an unspecified period of time.

Instead, I am holding back for now and do something more basic but still enjoyable- a bubble popping puzzle game. To make it more interesting I plan to finish the game in one week! I’ve actually started working on this game yesterday, on Friday, so today (Saturday) will be the 2nd day and Sunday comes afterwards… yadda yadda etc. Today there will be a post for Day1 and one for Day 2 will follow up shortly.


One thought on “New game plans, and going further with XNA

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