Game, meet engine

Hey guys, this time the update will be short, but some significant updates that they are. I have successfully compiled a library from my engine that would work in other projects more transparently. In fact, I was able to get the Meteor Engine to run in Bubble Tower.

But hey, check it out, more exciting game screenshots! Here’s an example of the Meteor Engine running in it.

Menu screen with 3D render

Also, particle effects! That is actually not part of the engine (a lot of things in the game still rendered ad-hoc), but it could well be.

Note that I’m using a 2D sprite image for the background here. I have deliberately made the rendering engine not clear the screen automatically so that it’s possible for other GameScreens to be seen behind it. I plan to make auto-screen clearing a selectable option soon.


The engine runs in its own GameScreen class, so it can operate independently or swap data just as well as the other screens. It still needs to be loaded as a game component for the main Game class, which is necessary to do all its updating in the background. Both screens are active as shown in the text in the upper right corner, so both the camera controls and the menu controls are working! While using the arrow keys or mouse to select menu choices, the WASD keys still move the camera around the scenery.

This is all for testing purposes, but it shows great possibilities with this kind of interaction. With some further implementation, the camera can be scripted to move around the scene according the options you select. As of now, there is no interaction between the engine and the menu screen, but that will be worked on soon.

As this project is still far from complete, I am using a debug build of the DLL to link with my applications. At first, all the content files (such as shaders and sample textures) were referenced by the library, and I often had to copy the .xnb’s over to the working directory of the program. It’s not very practical, and not a good option for distributing it to other users. A couple days ago, I added a resource file to embed all of its contents. Still no public release of the binary yet, but all the latest content and project files are now uploaded to Codeplex. The full size of the binary came out to 430kb, still pretty small for a debug build.

Already, this game has the potential to take on a much more professional look. I’m still wanting to get my own 3D content, though.


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