New Blog for SeedWorld

My SeedWorld voxel engine is getting its own blog, since it will be used to make a game out of it. It will be an open-ended RPG in the visual style of Cube World. I will be documenting the progress of this game and engine here: There, I’ll try to be posting updates regularly as I add new features.

With that said, this blog won’t be completely abandoned. I’ll still be using it for programming articles and other smaller projects I may have. However SeedWorld would be my top priority, so make sure to follow that one as well!


5 thoughts on “New Blog for SeedWorld

  1. Hi, good to see you are back on XNA. I’ve been looking at your Meteor Engine, but the code in Codeplex is missing VertexPositionTangentToWorld.cs and SceneRenderComponent.cs. Any chance you could add them?

  2. Me again. I’ve actually been looking in more detail and it seems that you cant build the project. Any chance you could update the project as a whole?

    • Oh man, I haven’t updated that project in such a long time. I still have a local copy of the Meteor Engine project in my computer. I’ll see what I can do about updating the code, gotta see if I used Git or Mercurial since it’s been a while.

      • Really appreciate it. If you have a test project with a “how-to” sample, that would be awesome!

  3. Thanks to your blog I solved by skybox+deferred rendering problem (which then led to a problem of the shadows being projected onto my sky but that was easily solved anyway).

    Just wanted to say thanks 🙂

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