Screenshot update: Bloom Filter

Two days ago I added an optional bloom filter, which was easy to add, even though it’s a bit drawn out (takes 4 passes to make the final image). A lot of it was borrowed code from the blur shader. The bloom is exaggerated here for detail.

I pretty much figured out the steps needed to blur and add the colors myself. Where I needed some more help and insight was on how the brightness threshold should be calculated. Here are the references that I used:


Handling different render setups

This video shows the latest progress of my graphics engine. It demonstrates two different rendering setups- one uses light pre-pass rendering and the other uses deferred rendering. The LPP renderer has a bloom filter added to it (exaggerated for this video) and the deferred renderer has a soft focus depth of field. Without these post-processing effects, a light pre-pass and deferred setup should produce the exact same image if done correctly. Remember to watch it in 720p!

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